40-year olds more uptight than 70-year olds about age?

Sombit Mishra

40-year olds in mid-life crisis - This is 40 movieIsn’t it strange how ‘old’ and ‘grown up’ we feel when we are young and how ‘young’ we think we are even when our hair is gray? Apparently idealism isn’t just the bastion of the young. A recent AARP study found that 85% of people over 50 don’t think they are ‘old’ yet and half of them believe that their peers are clearly ‘older.’ Translation: You’re old. I’m not. My favorite finding is that almost half those over 70 think it’s fine to “make jokes about old people.” Only 25% of 40 year-old’s agree. Translation: age also makes you less uptight.

-Excerpt from Aging Agelessly post You're Old. I'm Not

This middle-age paranoia seems to extend to other areas.   Another AARP study on those 45+ found that people tend to become more optimistic about aging in place as they get older.  

AARP survey of 45+ perception of aging in place successfully

So it goes the mid-life crisis...luckily, it appears that fear of aging is temporary and that, on average, we come out feeling more secure about ourselves in our Golden Years.  

With that in mind, here's an idea for the biotech/pharma world—instead of developing anti-aging drugs, maybe we should focus on developing a new drug that lets you leapfrog from 40 to 50...just kidding, although it might just make the world a more optimistic and balanced place :)



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