Boomers on the move?

Sombit Mishra

A study by Trulia finds that Boomers are booming their way into big cities, while millennials are suburbanizing faster than before.  

Either the world has officially entered the Twilight Zone or Trulia is overstating its conclusions. I'm going to go with the latter...

Trulia: Boomer Population Density Growth by County 

The study reveals that some of the top new destinations for Boomers include Austin, TX, Raleigh, NC, and Dallas, TX.  Of course, it makes sense that Big Cities would make up a higher proportion of growth for Boomers, given that small town & rural areas are largely saturated with them already.

And as far as millennials 'suburbanizing,' the same logic applies.  Cities are saturated with millennials, so it's natural that the largest growth would come in more suburban centers.  

Fancy headline, Trulia, but let's not overhype reality...

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