Who has it tougher: Aging parents or adult children? [PODCAST]

The answer is "it depends," but for most families, there is at least some element of tug-of-war.

At QMedic, our team tries to stay in close contact with our customers, which include older adults and/or their adult children.  Frequently, we visit ones who are local at their homes to see how they are doing and acquire feedback. Through this process, we've learned a lot about how to improve the QMedic experience, in large part by getting a better grasp on how families confront the challenges of helping loved ones age independently.

Coincidentally, on the drive back from visiting one of our customers, I caught this gem of a podcast from NPR (below), which summarizes many of the challenges to parental independence and caregiving well.  The segment is part of the full podcast titled "Love in the Workplace," but you can check out the relevant exchange on caregiving/aging from minutes 19:00 - 28:00.  

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