Introducing QMedic, the smartest personal emergency response solution available

Sombit Mishra

QMedic home health monitoring solution smallOne of the challenges of getting older is having to come to terms with our impending frailty, whether this frailty is the result of a chronic condition or a fall-related injury.  At the same time, we all love the comfort of our own home and would prefer to stay there. 

At QMedic, our mission is to revolutionize the connection between seniors and their caregivers, and thereby give seniors the freedom to live at home.  As experts in wearable sensors, we see numerous problems with current personal emergency response (PERS) devices and home health solutions: 

  • Existing PERS devices do not effectively protect the senior when they are unable to press the button.  If your loved one falls unconscious, for example, existing devices will not help them.
  • Standard PERS devices do not provide real-time updates to the caregiver, leaving the caregiver in the dark about the senior's health.
  • Power-intensive home health monitoring solutions that use sensors typically drain battery quickly and require constant recharge, reducing user compliance significantly.  
  • Many companies that sell sensors require a cumbersome setup, which makes them extremely difficult to use and maintain.

In contrast, QMedic's wrist-worn device automates basic activity monitoring and provides you with real-time updates on your loved one's health via phone or email.  In addition, if the senior falls or experiences an abnormal health event, QMedic's smart solution detects this abnormal activity and alerts the caregiver immediately.  The QMedic device is battery-optimized and lasts over a year so that you never have to charge it—we monitor battery levels remotely and send you a replacement device at no extra cost when you need it.  Lastly, the QMedic solution can be set up in 10 minutes or less following 3 simple steps.

This is just the beginning.  QMedic's team includes scientists and experts from MIT and Stanford, and we are committed to introducing smart mobile solutions that improve quality of life for seniors and their families.  The QMedic device will be available for sale shortly, so pre-order today and you will be first in line to receive QMedic once it is available! 

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