Re-designing communities for Boomers [Infographic]

The National Council on Aging's inaugural survey of Baby Boomers suggests that Boomers are not feeling supported by their communities. 

National Council on Aging survey

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there were numerous stories of families and seniors being stranded in high-rise buildings without electricity, safe food or drinking water. Sandy's devastation underscores the need for communities to adapt quickly to help us age sustainably. To keep Boomers connected, happy, and safe, we believe that communities need a major re-design, where architecture and technology converge more seamlessly with public/non-profit services and brand engagement/initiatives.  This re-design will likely need to start in the home, but should extend to apartment buildings, street corners, shops, supermarkets, brands, community centers, cars and public transportation. And the more integrated these solutions, the better. 

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