Fixya releases report on top 5 fitness trackers--market viability questions remain

The debate about whether fitness trackers are delivering real value vs. functioning as glorified pedometers roars on.  Fixya's recent report shows more of the same, featuring the pros and cons of Fitbit, Basis, Jawbone, Nike Fuel, and BodyMedia devices.  All of these devices have been subject to criticisms over inaccuracy, battery life, synching, etc.  But the bigger question that isn't being asked in this report and others is whether it's even possible for fitness trackers to satisfy the quantified selfer, who is typically bent on pinpoint accuracy.  And as far as behavior change goes, well that proposition just seems too far-fetched for companies that are more focused on sensors than on deep integration of social and clinical support. 

Personally, I applaud these companies and others like Misfit for introducing (mostly) sleek designs that get users excited prior to purchase.  But they also illustrate that, from a tech perspective, we're still a long way from creating an engaged user base in the fitness/wellness world.


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