Cellular Medical Alert Systems (Annual Plan)

Please note that you are purchasing a lease of QMedic's service and that QMedic retains ownership of the equipment throughout the duration of the lease.

Regular price $300.00


  • The cellular medical alert system is super-simple to install—plug in and done!
  • You have your choice of medical alert bracelet (wrist) or medical alert pendant (neck) for the waterproof help button.
  • Waterproof help button enables 24/7/365 access to QMedic's emergency call center.
  • No battery recharge required for help button (2-year battery life).
  • Proactive data & wellness reports available for caregivers.
  • Exceptional 2-way base station speaker and device range covering most 1-2 bedroom homes and yards.
  • Home medical alert system self-tests and monitors battery levels of device and base station 24 hours/day.
  • No cancellation fees or contracts required.
  • Free ground shipping throughout 50 U.S. States.

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