Operations & Field Installation Associate
Location: New Jersey area (remote position)

Founded at MIT, QMedic is a proactive medical alert service that helps high-risk older adults live at home, while ensuring they get timely services to improve their day-to-day lives. The company has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health, AARP and Cleveland Clinic as a top disruptor in healthcare.

We are seeking a dedicated and empathetic Operations & Field Installation Associate to serve on the front lines of QMedic’s operations in the State of New Jersey. The ideal candidate is someone who will go above and beyond to support the needs of QMedic’s users, who are typically frail and struggling to live independently. QMedic’s clients include Fortune 500 health insurance plans that depend on us to deliver timely and superior customer service to their highest-risk members.

Initially, this role will be a remote position based in the New Jersey area (QMedic’s headquarters are in Massachusetts). Based upon performance, successful hires will be considered for full-time salaried opportunities in marketing, operations, sales and product management at QMedic.

Responsibilities/Commitment include:
*Minimum 30 hours/week. Maximum 40 hours/week.
*Installing QMedic’s service in users' homes across New Jersey State and ensuring user and client satisfaction before, during and after each install.
*Onboarding user information and feedback into QMedic’s digital platform. Candidate must own an iPhone or Android phone as a downloaded app will be required to intake and submit user and client data/feedback.
*Interfacing with QMedic’s Program Manager and CEO, as well as users and client case managers, to streamline operations and improve user/client engagement.
*Performing marketing and outreach to new and prospective clients in the New Jersey area, including physician groups and other referral channels to generate customer/user acquisition.
*Providing detailed monthly marketing reports & analyses to improve segmentation and targeting of users and clients.

*Minimum Bachelors Degree or equivalent from 4-year university.
*Candidates will be expected to drive own car to and from each install. Candidates must own and insure their own vehicles. All installs will take place in the State of New Jersey and so candidates will need to furnish a valid New Jersey driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance prior to hire.
*Must be fingerprinted and background checked in State of New Jersey before hire; must participate and be certified in elderly sensitivity training prior to first install.
*Prior experience as an EMT, nurse or similar role supporting older adults and/or high-risk patients is preferred but not required.
*Patience, empathy and a genuine smile go a long way with our users/customers—you must be friendly, sociable and a great communicator.

Compensation (1099):
*$20/Hour ($600-800/week based on min-max hours).
*Gas costs will be covered for all company-related car travel and installations.

How to Apply:
Please send resume and brief intro paragraph to jobs at qmedichealth dot com (Subject: Field Operations & Marketing Associate position, ATTN: Sombit Mishra).  We will require 2 references, including one from a current/previous supervisor, prior to hire.