71% of ER visits are avoidable*

The results of intelligent routing are real. QMedic’s real-time alert routing and anomaly detection enable care networks to keep care in network and at home.

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Integrated nurse triage and care management teams are able to respond instantly when the emergency button is pressed
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If a user is more sedentary than usual, the call center is notified and will intervene to determine if remote triage or in-home care is needed
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Proactive alerts when anomalies are detected

QMedic detects anomalies in mobility & sleep against the member’s baseline, enabling you to escalate remote triage and care management if needed.

Simple, always-on medical alert makes compliance easy

Subscribers never need to take off their device to charge it or take a shower. By eliminating downtime, QMedic enables care management teams to proactively track wear compliance and anomalies without burdening the user.

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QMedic users are nearly 3x more likely to wear device 24/7 than users of traditional Medical Alert Services*
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Clear, two-way
conversations anywhere
in the home
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Two-way communication

Our base station is equipped with a speakerphone, providing an instant 24/7 link to safety for them and an immediate way for you to assess what remote or in-home services are needed.

24/7 simplicity for members

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Completely waterproof
No need to charge battery
Comfortable wristband or discreet pendant

Active & proactive alerts

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What sets us apart from all the rest?

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QMedic has impressed me by being responsive to any inquiry – it does everything that Life Alert says it does and more. Our entire family feels less anxious now that my mother-in-law is using QMedic. — Gene M., Son-in-law of a QMedic user
The level of customer support is way better than I would have expected. The fact that they are calling in to check on her to make sure everything is working, that’s surprising. — Leslie H., Daughter of a QMedic user
QMedic represents a critical element of our Connected Health strategy. image description — Casey Pittock, CEO, Tunstall America
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