QMedic is a team comprised of former nurse care managers, sales executives & technologists with a passion for supporting members with disabilities. We put people at the center of everything we do.

Meet the Sales Team

Brooke Miller

Vice President

Sales & Business Development

Hunter Aldrich

Territory Manager

Midwest-West-Southern Region

Nina Audas

Territory Manager

Great Lakes & Mid-Atlantic Region

Alexandra Palamari

Territory Manager

Northern Region

Anna Savini

Territory Manager

Northeast Region

Keeley Washel

Territory Manager

Southeast Region

Meet the Management Team

QMedic At a Glance

Case Manager with QMedic member


The future of healthcare hinges on a more compassionate and proactive approach to the provider-member relationship in the home, an approach that rises above technology and recognizes this one universal truth:

In healthcare, we are all human.

QMedic exists to amplify human relationships every step of the way.

Today, QMedic serves over 80 partners across the country and 15K+ members.

Core Values:

  • QMedic enables members with disabilities to age safely in place
  • QMedic empowers nurse care managers to be their best selves
  • QMedic leads with compassion—for our members, nurse care managers and each other

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44 School Street
Suite B5
Boston, MA 02108

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