General Questions

Are Medical Alert Systems the same as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)?

Many professional caregivers refer to Medical Alert Systems as Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS, for short.

At QMedic, we use these terms interchangeably so feel free to use either term, medical alert or PERS, when requesting in-home or mobile systems for your members.

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What type of PERS systems can QMedic offer my clients?

QMedic offers both in-home and mobile PERS medical alert options for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) partners. When comparing medical alert options, please note that an in-home PERS system will only work within approximately 500-1000 feet from the base station, while a Mobile GPS system will work inside and outside the home. The advantage of in-home systems is they require no battery recharge, while the Mobile systems offer more mobility for able-bodied users.

Here’s a snapshot of each:

  • Cellular In-home Medical Alert Systems: this is a completely standalone smart medical alert system placed in the home. There is no need for the member to have a home telephone, cell phone or Wi-Fi. The in-home cellular medical alert system works on QMedic’s partner 4G cellular networks. At the care manager's option, the QMedic cellular system is able to utilize passive activity, sleep and wear compliance monitoring to support member wellness outreach in the home.
  • Landline In-home Medical Alert Systems: this system requires a standard hardwired telephone line. Installation of the landline system is simple but it is important to note that the base station must be tethered to the hardwired phone wall jack, which limits where you can place the base station within the home. The landline option requires the user to have an active landline telephone connection.
  • Mobile GPS Medical Alert Systems: Mobile GPS medical alert systems work both in the home as well as out in the community, wherever there is 4G network coverage (most of the United States depending on the cellular provider - AT&T or Verizon). There is no need for the member to have a home telephone, cell phone or WiFi. The Mobile GPS system works on QMedic’s partner 4G cellular networks.

If the member is eligible for each of the above systems, we will discuss the above options with them over the initial setup call and provide whichever PERS the member prefers, unless you explicitly request one of the medical alert systems above.

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Does my member need a cell phone or a home phone to use the PERS?

Only for the in-home Landline medical alert system is a prior telephone service necessary. We only recommend in-home Landline systems in very rural areas without any cellular connectivity. 99% of the time, we will provide either the Cellular or Mobile service, for which no existing phone service is required.

The In-Home cellular PERS systems run off the AT&T 4G Network as well as some regional networks; AT&T 4G is the default network for the in-home cellular system.  We also provide US Cellular devices on request.

The Mobile GPS PERS system runs off either Verizon or AT&T depending on the device hardware model. If your member needs a specific carrier due to the limited connectivity in their area, please note that on the referral form and we will accommodate.

None of the devices need to be compatible with the member's own cellular service carrier.  They operate entirely independently of the member's cellular device.

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What is QMedic Direct Connect? Can Mobile GPS units utilize it?

QMedic Direct Connect is a unique feature we offer enabling the medical alert base station to call out directly to any 10-digit phone number over the two-way speaker.

The Direct Connect feature is a care manager favorite as it can help you get in touch with hard-to-reach members during difficult situations (e.g. weather events, power outages, etc). It is also a convenient way to get in touch with members who just don’t answer their phones.

Unfortunately, only the QMedic in-home medical alert systems are able to utilize Direct Connect.

Our default Mobile medical alert systems are not compatible with Direct Connect.

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Is there a wrist option for Mobile GPS systems?

Yes, QMedic offers a mobile smartwatch option with real-time GPS tracking and optional Fall Detection, as well as the more traditional pendant version.

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Does QMedic offer other Durable Medical Equipment services (e.g. CPAP, canes, O2 machines, etc)? Does QMedic have the ability to supply a medication dispenser with the unit?

QMedic focuses on providing in-home and Mobile GPS PERS systems, and medication dispensers currently. We are contracted per state to provide medication dispensers, but do not support medication dispensers nationwide. Be sure to check with us before referring a services if you are not sure if we cover your member's health plan or state.

We do provide a blood pressure cuff to a few select partners in Minnesota only. Please inquire beforehand making a referral for blood pressure service.

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How do I access dashboard monitoring?

Contact QMedic at 877-241-2244 option 1 or email support@[] and provide an email address and we can provide you with access.

The dashboard will show you basic information such as start date and member demographic information, as well as reports of button usages by category (e.g. testing, false alarm, emergency dispatch needed).  There is not currently information on the dashboard regarding battery life or GPS location, nor any additional data about the device itself. Such information may be added in the future.

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When was the last time my member tested their device? Is QMedic able to make monthly test calls?

Call 877-241-2244 option 1 or email support@[] and we can provide information about the last test and/or set up a monthly call to remind the user to test their button.

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Can we locate the in-home wearable button, the mobile GPS PERS, and/or the member?

If the member loses their in-home wearable button, please call 877-241-2244 option 1 or email support@[] for a replacement. The in-home wearable buttons will be replaced free of charge, while a lost Mobile device may incur a replacement fee.

We may be able to assist in trying to locate a mobile GPS medical alert device under certain circumstances. Certain Mobile+ devices have a real-time tracking feature that the consumer’s family can access through either a mobile or desktop app, or by texting a number and receiving back a location update, but be aware that not all of the devices offer this feature. Be sure to specify if you want the device to support this feature for your member.

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My member lost/broke/wants to swap their unit hardware. How do I arrange to have it replaced, and will it cost anything?

Typically, the only thing you need to do is bring it to our attention by calling 877-241-2244 option 1 or emailing support@[]. We will reach out to the member to provide a replacement free of charge, including a return label if they need to return any equipment.

In very rare cases, if a member repeatedly loses or breaks a unit, these circumstances would incur a replacement fee. We would discuss these fees with you and the member to ensure a seamless and transparent resolution for everyone.

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Is QMedic able to provide communication or instructions in other languages?

Both the QMedic office staff and the QMedic monitoring center are able to communicate with members in many different languages through a real-time phone translation service. Additionally, we have bilingual employees on staff to support Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Arabic.

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Member Account Administration

What is your referral process? For example, what if my member's authorization does not start until next month, where do I find the referral form and where should I send it once it is filled out?

This varies by Managed Care Organization (MCO) and Area Agency on Aging (AAA/ASAP) partner. Some organizations have an internal referral program that we receive by email or fax. Any referral can be made by email/fax through our own simple referral form. Once QMedic receives the referral it is typically processed the same day, i.e. account added and initial setup call made. Referrals requiring a specific start date for billing purposes can be noted, and we will honor that request. If it is not specified, we will assume that we should set up the PERS as soon as possible.

Referrals, authorizations and care service plans can be emailed or faxed:

  • Email: referrals@[]
  • Fax: 617-904-1745

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How will I know the start date for my client?

The referring care coordinator/care manager will receive an automated email once the start date has been set.

Call 877-241-2244 option 1 or email referrals@[] if you have additional questions.

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Am I able to suspend my client’s service?

We will suspend a member’s account for a short time period if they are expected to return to the community and continue PERS service. The Care Manager will need to notify us of the suspension, and then again when the time comes to resume service. After three months of suspension without any progress towards regaining eligibility, we will reach out to inform you that we plan to cancel the account and move forward with retrieving the device hardware from the member's home.

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My member’s service is being terminated. How should they get the equipment returned to you?

We are happy to provide a prepaid shipping label (and box if necessary) to whomever is helping arrange the equipment return. Just let us know if we should be discussing with the member, emergency contact, or you and we will arrange to provide the return label either by email or by regular mail, whichever is most convenient.

Email support@[] for assistance on PERS equipment return.

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If I have a member who previously used QMedic and cancelled, and is now interested in using QMedic again, how do I arrange resuming the service? Do I need to resubmit a referral?

While you will need to submit a new service authorization for your organization (MCO/AAA) to cover services, you will be glad to know that you do not need to submit a new referral to QMedic.

Once you have generated a new service authorization in your system, just email the member’s name, member ID and new authorization number, if applicable, via secure email channel to referrals@[]. You can also send any new contact information and we’ll be happy to get the service reinstated right away.

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Does QMedic charge an installation fee / do I have to create a service order for the installation as well as the monthly service? What if it’s shipped?

We only charge an installation fee when an in-person installation of an in-home or Mobile medical alert system takes place, most often utilized in NJ, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

A large majority of our units are shipped by mail. There is no fee for shipping. You can assume that no installation authorization is necessary unless we specifically reach out to you to request one.

My member has a unique billing circumstance (e.g. CDCS agency, takeback requirement, out-of-pocket copay, private pay switch, etc). Who should I discuss it with?

Please email support@[] with your member’s name and member ID and the details of the billing question. If another agency will be handling billing for the member, please include the contact information of the representative of the billing agency whom we should contact to make arrangements - both their phone and email would be appreciated.

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QMedic is not currently a participating provider in our payer network. How do we contract with QMedic?

If you are interested in contracting with QMedic, please contact us at 877.241.2244 option 2 or email sales@[] to get started.

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General Questions

What if I start using QMedic and I am not happy with it?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked beginning the day your receive your device in the mail.

Is there a long-term contract required?

No, there is no long-term contract required. You can choose to cancel anytime, although we will not reimburse for unused time left on the your subscription. Additionally, we will not cancel the subscription until we receive the hardware back in QMedic's possession.

What if I lose or damage my wristband/pendant or base station?

Call us (877.241.2244, option 2) to order a replacement.

How much does the system cost?

QMedic offers an Annual Plan at $300/year or $30/month. There are no hidden fees. While QMedic does not offer refunds, the service does come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Is it possible to purchase additional wristbands/pendants for the system? What is the cost?

Yes, it is possible to order an extra wristband/pendant for the in-home systems (not available for Mobile Medical Alert System). Our in-home base stations can support up to two buttons each. There is no added cost.

Are there other fees besides the monitoring fees?

No. QMedic will not charge you any fees beyond the monthly or annual service fees, unless you need to order a replacement component of the system (e.g. wristband/pendant, base station, etc.).

Does the QMedic system work without a landline?

Yes, QMedic offers an in-home cellular medical alert system that transmits over the cellular network in the case that the user does not have a functioning landline. The system is still only intended for use within the home and yard as the wearable device will NOT transmit data/voice call signals when out of range of the base station.

We also offer a Mobile Medical Alert System with GPS that works outdoors and can be used to track location.  

Do I have to have a cell phone for the cellular service to work?

No, the QMedic base station has a SIM card within the device that connects to the cellular network. It does not need to connect with the user’s cell phone.

Does the QMedic system include automatic fall detection?

No, we do not offer automatic fall detection to consumer clients. We do make certain fall detection systems available to MCO clients but generally do not recommend automated fall detection.

Does the QMedic system work outdoors?

The QMedic system features 1,000 feet of range between the bracelet/pendant and the base station. This typically covers multi-bedroom homes, including front and backyards.

If the subscriber goes outside of this range, the device will not transmit emergency signals to the base station. Once the user comes back within range, the bracelet/pendant will resume transmitting data and emergency signals to the base station.

QMedic does offer a mobile medical alert system for outdoor use.  This system features GPS and is distinct from our in-home medical alert systems.

Is QMedic covered by my insurance?

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for insurance coverage of QMedic's service, please call our toll-free Sales line at 877.241.2244 (option 1).

Currently, if you are on Medicaid, or a Managed Medicaid/Medicare Advantage program, you may be eligible for coverage/reimbursement for QMedic's service in the states below:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

I'm an existing customer and I need help with my system, are there any resources I could use to help diagnose the issue?

Yes, visit our online Technical Support reference guide for help with your issue, or our customer service line at 877-241-2244.

I need to cancel my existing service. How would I go about doing that?

Let us know by phone or email that you would like to cancel your subscription and we will provide you with a return label and an empty box if you don't have one. We can send the label by email or by regular mail. Note: we will not cancel your subscription until we get the hardware back in our possession. If you have sent the hardware back at the time of your subscription renewal and we can see that the box is en route, we will refund the charge.

System Setup

What is included in the QMedic In-Home System?

The QMedic system includes the base station, base station power cord, base station phone cord (for landline option only), wristband/pendant and instruction manual.

How soon after ordering will my system arrive?

If you live in the Continental United States (48 states or District of Columbia), you will receive the unit within 3-5 business days of purchasing if you order before 4:30pm EST. If you order after 4:30pm, please allow for one extra business day.  If you live in Alaska and Hawaii, please allow 7-10 business days for USPS/Fedex ground shipping. If you need the device sooner than that, you can pay for premium expedited shipping.

Where should I place the base station in my home?

We recommend that you place the base station in the most central location possible. Make sure that there is a phone and power outlet available nearby for the landline option, or just a power outlet for the cellular system.

How do I set up the list of contacts that the call center should call to notify in the case of an emergency event?

The QMedic customer service representative will take this information at the time of you ordering the service. You can also call us back to give this information anytime, or to update the existing information, or 877-241-2244.

Wearing the Wristband/Pendant

Is the wristband/pendant waterproof?

Yes, the In-Home wristband/pendant is waterproof. You should have no concern wearing your wristband/pendant while taking a bath/shower, doing dishes, cooking or other common household activities. The Mobile GPS device is water-resistant and can be worn in the shower, but should not be submerged underwater.

What type of material is used to make the wristbands/pendants?

The button enclosure is a plastic material, the band is a rubber material and the necklace lanyard is a nylon fabric. Note that the wristband button enclosure attachment has standard watch pins, providing you the flexibility to attach a different band if it works better for your loved one.

Should I wear the wristband/pendant at night?

Yes, you should wear the wristband/pendant at all times so that you can get help in case you need it. It’s not uncommon for someone to experience an emergency after getting out of bed in the middle of the night. The only time we recommend removing the device is to charge your Mobile GPS device (does not apply to In-Home systems, which should be worn all the time, including nighttime)..

How often does my Mobile GPS device need to be charged?

QMedic offers a variety of hardware options, each with their own charging schedule. As a rule of thumb, the basic Mobile necklace should be charged monthly and the Mobile+ devices and smartwatch should be charged roughly every four days.  We will provide further instruction during the initial call while we take your information and make arrangements

Call Center & Emergency Services

Is the QMedic monitoring center available at all times?

Yes, the QMedic solution is monitored by a UL-listed monitoring center that is open 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

How long does it take the call center to answer after the button is pressed?

It takes an average of 30 seconds for a call center operator to come on the line.

Is the QMedic monitoring center located in the USA?

Yes, the monitoring center is located in the USA. There are two locations to provide safe and reliable redundancy, one in Utah and one in Idaho. The monitoring center services all of the USA--they have an address database connecting your location to the closest emergency medical services in your area and will dispatch accordingly.

What number will show up on my phone if the monitoring center reaches out to me when my loved one presses their button?

For the in-home landline or cellular units, the incoming number for the QMedic monitoring center is (801) 781-6101.

For the mobile medical alert unit, the incoming number for the QMedic monitoring center is (801) 781-6173.

For the mobile smartwatch unit, the incoming number will be (800) 481-2700.

Can I arrange to have a caregiver called before emergency medical services in the case of an emergency?

If the user indicates to the call center that they are in need of medical help, the call center operator will always dispatch emergency medical services immediately, as not to stall necessary medical care. In the case that the call center cannot communicate with the user, however, you can choose that you would prefer for them to call a caregiver first. This can be useful if a caregiver is close enough to arrive before the EMTs, or if the user has a history of false alarms and you want a chance to check instead of immediately dispatching medical services.

What happens if I am not able to communicate after pressing the button?

If you are not able to communicate, we will first try to call the home phone line. If we cannot reach you on the home phone line, we will follow the protocol you establish at registration. We can call emergency services or family/friends depending on your preference.

What if the call center operator can’t hear me during an emergency due to distance from the base station?

The operators will treat every alarm as an emergency. If the operator is unable to communicate with you, emergency medical services will be dispatched (or your primary contact will be alerted, depending on your predetermined order of contacts). There will never be a case where no action is taken due to lack of communication.

What if I accidentally press the emergency button?

This is no problem. When the operator comes on to the line simply tell him or her that you accidentally pressed the button. There is no charge for false alarms.

Is there a cost every time I call for help through QMedic?

No. You will not be charged a fee based on the number of times you press the button. Also, the base station is dialing a toll-free number, so you will not be charged for the call.

How will emergency personnel get into my home if needed?

At registration, we will ask you for entry information. When there is an emergency, we can contact friends and/or family that have a key based on information you provide during registration. In addition, you can purchase a front door lockbox and provide the code to us. We will pass the code to the emergency responders for quick access to your home.

System Maintenance

How long is the battery life of the In-Home wristband/pendant?

The battery in the wearable device lasts about two years, excepting rare cases of system malfunction. We keep a close eye on the battery life and will contact you to replace it if we note any issues.

How do I check the battery level of the In-Home wristband/pendant?

You can call us (877.241.2244, option 2) and we would be happy to check the battery level for you.  Don’t worry, we are monitoring battery level at all times.

What happens when the battery on my In-Home wristband/pendant is running low?

We are constantly monitoring battery level and we will send you a new wristband/pendant free of charge when it becomes necessary. The new wristband/pendant will be ready to go and automatically connect to the base station. We will also provide a pre-paid package for you to send the old wristband/pendant back to us.

How long is the battery life of the In-Home base station?

In the case of a power outage or if the system becomes unplugged, the base station’s battery will last roughly 24 hours. The base station will announce aloud immediately if it loses power for any reason.

How can I test the system to make sure it is working?

You have the option to test the device as often as you like. We recommend you test once per month. Simply press the button at any point and tell our operator that it is just a test.

How do I alert QMedic if my information changes?

Call us at 877.241.2244, option 2, and we would be happy to make any necessary changes to your information in our system. If you move, it is important that you notify us so that the emergency services know what address to come to in the event of an emergency.