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Would you benefit from a Medical Care Alert System?

71% of ER visits are avoidable

The results of intelligent routing are real. QMedic’s award-winning medical alert service & routing enable caregivers to keep care in network and at home.

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QMedic's call center is alerted instantly when the emergency button is pressed
If a user is more sedentary than usual, the call center is notified and will intervene to determine if remote triage or in-home care is needed
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Proactive alerts to keep them safe

QMedic detects changes in motion & sleep against the user’s baseline, enabling caregivers to escalate care services if needed.

Simple, always-on medical alert makes compliance easy

Users never need to take off their waterproof medical care alert button to charge it or take a shower. QMedic enables caregivers to proactively track wear compliance and activity, while ensuring users can access their help button 24/7.

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QMedic is simple for your loved one to wear
Simple for Mom, Simple for You
Transmit signal
Clear, two-way
conversations anywhere
in the home
Two-way base station and medical alert button

Two-way communication

Our base station is equipped with a speakerphone, providing an instant 24/7 link to safety for them and an immediate way for you to assess what remote or in-home services are needed.

QMedic Does NOT Provide Fall Detection.
Here's Why.

Fall detection systems are prone to false alarms

For consumers, false alarms are not only a nuisance, but they also discourage subscribers from wearing the medical alert device consistently. And if subscribers don't wear, the device has little value.

In contrast, QMedic tracks activity, sleep and wear compliance to provide caregivers with peace of mind regarding daily routines & patterns, without creating a fear and burden of false alarms for subscribers and caregivers.

QMedic Does NOT Provide Fall Detection

24/7 simplicity for users

QMedic provides 24/7 monitoring and routing
Completely waterproof
No need to charge battery
Comfortable wristband or discreet pendant
Active & proactive alerts
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QMedic has impressed me by being responsive to any inquiry – it does everything that Life Alert says it does and more. Our entire family feels less anxious now that my mother-in-law is using QMedic. — Gene M., Son-in-law of a QMedic user
The level of customer support is way better than I would have expected. The fact that they are calling in to check on her to make sure everything is working, that’s surprising. — Leslie H., Daughter of a QMedic user
QMedic represents a critical element of our Connected Health strategy. Casey Pittock, CEO of Tunstall America
— Casey Pittock, CEO, Tunstall America
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QMedic won the Future of Medicine Award at Startup Health’s New Venture more

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