Achieve Peace of Mind for Members with Advanced In-Home Medical Alert Systems, ADL Monitoring, and More

Ensure Safety and Fast Response Time with Industry-Leading In-Home Medical Alert Systems

In-Home Medical Alert Systems Guaranteed to Keep Members Safe

State-of-the-art In-home Medical Alert Systems for Peace of Mind

Monitor Member Safety with Mobile GPS Alert System Wearables That Work Anywhere with Cell Service

Extend safety beyond the home with QMedic Mobile GPS Alert Systems with rapid response to emergencies, custom alerts, waterproof design & long-lasting battery.

Worried About Your Members Going Out? QMedic Has You Covered

Your members want to go to the grocery store, visit friends and family, and more

Now they can stay safe while living life the way they want because QMedic’s advanced mobile GPS alert systems allow them to get rapid assistance anywhere in the USA that has cell coverage.

That means you can rest assured that they are safe and sound, free to live and move about as they choose--all while allowing you and QMedic to provide exceptional care no matter where they are.

Ensure Safety Anywhere in the U.S. with Advanced Mobile GPS Alert Systems

QMedic doesn’t just provide everything you need for exceptional care management for the home. We also have advanced Mobile GPS Medical Alert Systems that monitor your members’ safety inside the home and outside.


Keep Members Safe Anywhere, Anytime

With rapid response that works anywhere in the USA with cell coverage due to our partnerships with Verizon and AT&T, you can keep members safe no matter where they are. These devices are great for both in and out of the home as wearable pendants or belt clips.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about the battery dying either because they typically last a full month before needing a 3-hour recharge!

QMedic Mobile GPS Alert System
Custom Alerts on any Device Linked to Call Center

Monitor for Emergencies 24/7

In an emergency, your member simply needs to press the button and we’ll instantaneously respond. With GPS tracking, emergency services will get there ASAP.

That means your members can go out with complete peace of mind and you’ll never have to worry if they’ve fallen, become lost, or encountered other challenges.

If Needed, Add Fall Detection and Continuous GPS Tracking

Do you have a member who is a high fall-risk?

In an emergency, your member simply needs to press the button and we’ll instantaneously respond. With GPS tracking, emergency services will get there ASAP.  Plus, you have the option of adding real-time GPS tracking so you can see where your member is no matter what, all within the easy-to-use caregiver dashboard.

Please note: We only recommend fall detection systems for members of particularly high fallrisk. If members need standard systems, you should consider QMedic's in-home medical alert system or " GPS alert systems."

Nurse and member walking arm in arm

Ready to Provide Exceptional Care and Peace of Mind Outside the Home?

With exceptional care management for the home and anywhere with cell service in the United States, your members will be able to live a freer, happier, and safer life.

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