Make Sure Your Members Take Medicine at the Right Time with Easy-to-Use Medication Dispensers & Reminders

Optimize Medication Scheduling with Our Convenient Dispensers and Reminders Complete with Alarm for Up to 28 Doses

Simplify Medication Schedules with Advanced Dispensers for Up to 28 Doses, 1-4 Times a Day Using Alarms for the Hearing Impaired and Call Center Reminders

Simplify Medication Management with Dosage Dispensers and Alarms

Make Sure Your Members Take Medicine at the Right Time with Easy-to-Use Medication Dispensers & Reminders

Keep your members safe and yourself worry-free by installing QMedic in-home medical alerts with advanced ADL monitoring, industry-leading 1000-ft range, 24-hour backup battery, and direct connection to our rapid response call center or a preferred caregiver.

Do Your Members Forget Their Medication?

It’s easy for members to forget medication, but the consequences can be disastrous. With QMedic Medication Dispensers & Reminders you can rest assured that the right dosage will be released at the right time.

Then, the low-frequency alarm designed for hearing-impaired members will prompt them to take the medicine. If you’re still worried, our dedicated call center can offer additional reminders too!

Simplify Medication Management with Convenient Dispensers and Reminders

QMedic wants to make your job as a nurse care manager as easy as possible while also ensuring your members are safe and healthy. Our medication dispensers & reminders do exactly that by simplifying doses and alerting members.


Ensure the Right Dosage at the Right Time

Use QMedic medication dispensers + reminders to dispense the right dosage at the right time, every day.

Plus, with the ability to dispense 1-4 doses per day and sections that hold 9 small pills, you can simplify medication management for numerous medicines or complex dosing schedules.

QMedic Medication Dispenser & Reminder System
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Improve Convenience and Simplify Management

You only need to fill the dispenser every 28 doses, which means more convenience for you, the nurse care manager, as well as for your members.

Additionally, the locking lid with two keys ensures members or anyone else can’t take medicine off of schedule, so you can have complete peace of mind.


Alert Members with Alarm and Reminders

Our low-frequency alarm will even alert hearing-impaired members that it’s time to take their perfectly dosed medications.

Still worried they won’t hear it? You can have our dedicated 24/7 call center set up additional reminders so you can rest assured your members are taken care of without doing extra work.

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Want QMedic Medication Dispensers & Reminders Explained to a Member?

Refer a member today and we’ll demonstrate how our medication dispensers and reminders allow them to live a more stress-free life while simplifying the job of caregivers and nurse care managers like you.

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