Essential features of medical alert systems

Woman with nurse comparing medical alert systems

When you compare medical alert system features, it can be confusing due to the number of options available in the market.

While many vendors tout the effectiveness and convenience of their devices, it is important that you research and compare the medical alert products before making any decision.

In this article, we will look at some essential features that must be present in a medical alert system before you consider it for purchase.

  1. Water-Proof / Water-Resistant

With the water-proof vs. water-resistant feature, your loved one’s medical device doesn't have to be frequently removed to protect it from water damage. It is preferable that the wearable device is water-proof (vs. water-resistant) and that the base station is water-resistant and able to withstand standard variations in temperature and humidity in the home.

  1. Long Battery Life

A medical alert device with unreliable battery life can pose serious risks to the health of your loved one. Apart from shutting down while outdoors, the frequent need for charging may discourage its usage which is the opposite of what you want.

  1. Activity Monitoring

Health monitoring helps keep patients safe and makes it easier for caregivers to fulfill their responsibilities. This can include checking sleep patterns and level of mobility through a remote dashboard.

Health emergencies can be discovered earlier and addressed.

  1. Compliance Monitoring

There are many reasons why your loved ones may not wear their medical alert system. Being alerted on time to non-compliance can help you correct the situation.

  1. GPS Tracking

Your loved one may not know their exact location in an emergency. GPS-fitted medical alert devices can make locating them quicker and easier for health practitioners and caregivers. This can be the difference between recovery or irreversible health damage.

The features discussed above are essential for the proper management of seniors’ health.

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