Are EHR outages and privacy breaches the new normal?

Healthcare IT News just published a post on Sutter Health's outage last month, which rendered its Epic EHR system inaccessible for over 24 hours.  The result:  patients weren't properly medicated over the course of the day.  Even the backup system was useless. While it appears that the glitch might have been caused upstream by a Citrix glitch, the episode is one in a series of glitches/breaches that providers have experienced.


Other recent breaches/glitches:


Lawrence Melrose Medical Electronic Record

Bon Secours Breach


New York seems to be taking more active steps than most states in protecting EMR data and preventing breaches, but the threat is still likely to get worse as cybercriminals and renegade employees exploit vulnerabilities of electronic systems. On account of this, it remains to be seen whether there will be a resurgence in paper backups.


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